What DNA test are you looking for?

Some people want to connect and discover relatives, or past relatives connected to them.  I  wanted to know more about my genetic make-up.  My friends were interested in learning where their “Motherland” originated from. There are many DNA Testing Kits so which one is right for you?

Compare the different DNA Testing Kits below. Some DNA companies have a genetic pool of data they are comparing it too from ancient archives positioning your origins on Earth. Others might be analyzing your DNA in comparison to the population and who you match up with. Each of them have their unique reason for taking the test. Compare and understand which test is best for you.

Compare the best  DNA Testing Kits on the market today!

Best DNA
Testing Kits

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Price $99 $99-$199 $199 $149 $159
Test Type Saliva Saliva Cheek Swab Saliva Mouth Swab
Results Returned 6-8 Weeks 6-8 Weeks 3-4 Weeks 6-12 Weeks 10-12 Weeks
Database Size Claims 4 Million Tested 2+ Million Tested 800,000 Markers 800,000 Tested unknown
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Your DNA can reveal your ethnic mix and ancestors you never knew you had—places and people deep in your past where records can’t always take you. Try AncestryDNA, and get a new view into what makes you uniquely you.


You are made of cells. And the cells in your body have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Your chromosomes are made of DNA, which can tell you a lot about you. Explore your 23 pairs today.

GPS Origins

GPS Origins™ is a revolutionary DNA test for ancestry that takes you deep into your family history. Most ancestry tests provide a report of your “ethnicity” and locate parts of your DNA in broad continental sweeps, but nothing specific, not even to the country level. GPS Origins™ combines the latest genetic research with a new ancestral tracking technique to pinpoint more precisely where your DNA began.

National Geographic Geno 2.0

Introducing the next generation of our Genographic Project Participation Kit. This new DNA test—brought to you by National Geographic in cooperation with Helix—uses cutting-edge technology to give you the richest ancestry information available. We tell the story of 500 years and past. National Geographic designed Geno Next Gen based on the new technologies and insights that emerged since the launch of the Genographic Project more than ten years ago.

Living DNA Ancestry

Living DNA is able to show you your ancestry in twice the detail of other tests. This is possible because of the scientific teams we work with, and the detailed ways in which they can explore your DNA. You can view your results online or in a personalised book, and this allows you to explore your DNA breakdown today, as well as the migration patterns of your ancestors dating back 80,000 years.